National Pet Pharmacy - lying, charging for items never processed, giant hassle

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Before I ever placed my order with this company I called ahead and asked their customer service dept what would be required - I had adopted a dog out of state, had on the day of adoption driven back to my own area, and realized after the fact that although the fosters had had her comprehensive medical spay/deworming/heartworm test, etc done, beyond her single initial dose of heartworm preventative, I'd been provided neither a written prescription nor further doses. I let NPP know this, that I would have no logistical way to obtain a written prescription and also stressed that I would be ordering for the first time. Their response? No problem! We'll just fax the vet, they'll fax us right back, done and done!

Suffice it to say, a week and dozens of emails/phone calls later, the only thing "done" was my card was charged (final posted charge, not authorization) within 24 hours of placing the order, but a week later I was still getting repeated emails from NPP saying "the vet refused to approve by fax" (an outright lie, as I'd talked to the vet's office multiple times) and "you need to mail in a prescription" - see "called NPP before placing the order to tell them I had no paper prescription".

They will not only lie to you about their "policies" but will actually CHARGE your card for orders that haven't even been approved or processed. What reputable company does this? Any reputable company will APPROVE your card but not actually charge until the order ships. This company charged my card, "kept the order open" when I said to do no such thing, and changed their story during my repeated phone calls to them from "you need to mail it in" to "we've gotten the fax back and it's all good and will ship tomorrow plus I'll email you tracking tomorrow when it ships" and then back to "you need to mail it in or nothing will ship".

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They have a terribly checkered review history on any site they don't control, and apparently cherry pick the rest, on their own site, Facebook, Amazon (which hasn't had a review since 2010 for some odd reason), etc. They're busy trying to bury the truth about how appalling they are rather than expend any energy into actually providing decent customer service.

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